It all started when...

We got this Siamese kitty boy. Prince Waffles Waffito Indigo Rocket aka Prince Waffles. The Original Slinky Cat who randomly jumped up into my daughters babydoll stroller as a kitten. That was it! Daily walks around the park and sunsets at the beach with a cat in a stroller ensued. Prince Waffles was in our care as a foster kitten since he was under four weeks old. We refused the notion that he (or we) are a “foster fail”. Quite the opposite. We made a conscious choice to foster Prince Waffles forever and that’s a beautiful thing.

As the Chief Kitty Care Giver, Entrepreneur and Cat-preneur our founder, Carmen has had a love of cats her entire life; currently volunteering as a Kitten Foster Mom and Bottle Feeder at the local Humane Society’s Kitten NICU. Plus she is a former dolphin trainer. Animal care, and behavior assessments are in our wheelhouse.

Together with her daughter Mina (now in her early teens), they are known as “the cat sitting duo” and determined to take the CRAZY out of an outdated Cat Lady stigma. They enjoy a weekend trip to CatCon every year where they are feline fine in their element, learning, and engaging with other like minded cat enthusiasts.

When cat sitting, they pay attention to the details; identifying each kitties wants and needs at every visit. Within their Cat Lady bag you will find enrichment toys and special feeders to keep the kitties interested and engaged in new activities while you are away.

“Absolutely wonderful!! Great pictures and updates, we really felt our furry family was well taken care of and that our sitters were keeping an eye out for any signs of distress or unusual behavior. Kudos to Carmen and her daughter and we will definitely keep them in mind for any future purryfamily needs!”

-Darcy - via Meowtel

Why We Do This?

As cat parents and frequent overseas travelers; we (& our cats) have been in your shoes.

Finding loving Cat Care should not be stressful for you or your kitty. We are on a mission to make it a pawsitve experience for everyone.

Our Top Priority

Animal safety is our top priority. We bring peace of mind by conducting daily cat sitting visits whilst being extra attentive and over communicators. We notice every detail, diet, mannerisms, and cat behavior; including a daily poop report noted in your kitty care log book.

Being extra cautious also means we are properly licensed and insured to best protect your furry feline family member and your home while you enjoy your travels.

Interested in our services now?

We look forward to serving you and your kitty family