Other Services


Slinky Cat at Home provides expert kitty care and brings peace of mind to cats and the humans who love them.



With many years of experience and countless clients, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the attentiveness they merit from our experienced team of in-home cat sitters.



Life got you feeling like a crazy cat parent? Not to worry, we can help. Pick up and drop off for vet visits, food, litter, and toy shopping, or simply a quick visit as a pooper scooper for you or a friend in need.



We refrain from calling it a spa day, but because we speak Cat we know we can lovingly support your kitty at bath time.

It’ll be a win win for both of you! There’s nothing like coming home to snuggle with a clean cat.



Kitty Behaving Badly?

Not to worry.

As an animal trainer, we know a thing or two about Cats and operant conditioning. So if you are open to it, we will assess the behavior and make recommendations on ways to redirect the kitties behavior in an upmost and pawsitive way!




Eat, Play, Sleep & Repeat.

That’s a Kitten’s life. Food First, Play, lots of Play and Socialization, Sleep and more Sleep, and just when that’s all done; Repeat!

No need to worry about your new kitten while you are at work. We’ll check in on them, or take them into our home for the day.



Kitty in need of a nail trim? 

We find it’s often easier for both you and your furry feline when someone else does the nail trimming. We can get it done before they can count their pads.